Blackjack is sometimes referred to as “21” and is by far the most popular casino table game out there. The game is extremely popular because it is a lot of fun and easy to learn.

It is also available in almost every online casino and there are real chances to beat the house and win big!

Let’s take a closer look at the six reasons for the high popularity.

Gamblers keep coming back to blackjack

Seasoned players want to experience blackjack over and over again because they want to learn more about the game and develop even better strategies. The game is just too addicting to turn your back on.

As a new player, you can look forward to the many advantages of this game!

Blackjack can be learned in a few minutes

Have you ever played a game that had so many rules and nuances that you felt dizzy and lost all fun or excitement?

A game where you don’t have to think a lot and where luck really only matters?

Yes, we mean you Monopoly!

Blackjack, on the other hand, is a masterpiece among games. It is designed so that you can learn it within minutes.

Thanks to the simplicity of the game, you can concentrate on developing your strategic skills and, above all, on having fun without having to constantly be there with 100% concentration. After all, gambling should be fun and not feel like a nerve-wracking test.

Developing strategies in blackjack is not difficult; beating the house is therefore possible!

In blackjack, the house edge is incredibly small

Have you ever heard the phrase “Vegas was not built on winners”? What is meant by this is that the casino always has a mathematical advantage in the long run.

This inevitable house edge is not the same for every casino game. With some games – such as blackjack – you have a much higher chance of beating the casino. This is exactly why so many people love blackjack – the house edge is one of the lowest in a casino and can be reduced to 1% depending on the strategy.

Developing blackjack strategies is easy

In other games of chance, such as slots , where the principle of chance prevails (although not everything is completely arbitrary), a dog could possibly be trained and make even better profits than you.

The great thing about blackjack, however, is that you have strategic control of your game and the result is virtually in your own hands.

A blackjack player who has no idea or even a well-trained lucky dog ​​is likely to do worse than you in the long run if you follow the “basic strategy”.

But now back to what gaming is all about.

Blackjack is a lot of fun

Fun should always be the most important thing when playing. Because blackjack is an incredibly exciting and social game, we give this game top marks for it.

Playing blackjack sometimes feels like a big party. Since all players play against the house, the entire table or laptop aisle is on the same team.

But be warned: You will laugh a lot – so much that your face will hurt with laughter. And you’re going to get more fondly than a minor league baseball coach.

Playing blackjack online is just as fun as playing location-based casinos, but for different reasons.

Playing online gives you the opportunity to set your own pace of play and to be able to work on perfecting your strategy in a relaxed manner. The excitement is there at home too, and your dog or cat will definitely give you high fives if you win!

In addition to the game speed, you can also determine how long you want to play.

Blackjack has no maximum playing time

Nobody likes to feel restricted, especially not when it comes to spending their free time, as the lockdown has clearly shown. Do not worry! You can play blackjack for as long or as short as you want.

In the case of other casino games such as craps or poker, however, the playing time is fixed. In craps, you may have to wait for a new die roll or stick with it until the end of the current die roll. In poker, a tournament can last hours, and if you leave before that, you will voluntarily forego your chances of winning!

Not so with blackjack! Blackjack allows any player to play just a handful or for hours, whichever they choose. If you are not lucky on one day or you don’t want to succeed, you can pack the chips or tokens and come back later or on another day.

Should you have a lucky streak, then go ahead, stay as long as you want and cream off. There is no maximum playing time in blackjack.

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